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Dear Reverse Mortgage Homeowner

I called you or sent you a letter because your current Reverse Mortgage is over 1 year old, Augusta Financial Inc a California based mortgage lender is willing to lower all current non jumbo reverse homeowners margins to 1.5%. This ACT will lower one's interest rate to 3.5% with a 3.625% APR, potentially saving them thousand of dollars in interest and equity over the life of their reverse mortgage. 

Sincerely, Loan Officer Dan Claffey 1-800-342-5224 direct NMLS#375577




3.125% to 3.325% APR

The Postcard / Letter or Phone message came from Senior Reverse Mortgage Adviser Daniel Francis Claffey 1-800-3425224  NMLS#375577  Augusta Financial  Inc,               CA RML#4131305 & NMLS #241911 1225129 The Old Road Suite 350, Santa Clarita 1-800-342-5224 Cell# 661-466-3562

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Important: receive a large MIP credit from your previous reverse closed


Terms and conditions such as final interest rate, amount of cash at close, new line of credit, your homes value, ability to refinance your HECM are subject to moving market changes and current loan balance, not all who apply will be approved.


    Lowering your interest rate will reduce your equity loss, take the equity and bank it. Don't freely give it to your old lender, there is no out of pocket appraisal fee, receive new funds at close and new credit line for future use. We specialize in helping homeowners who already have a Reverse Mortgage, to get more money out, a lower interest rate and protect their equity for their heirs.

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Turn your equity into cash, reverse mortgage up to $4 million loan limits

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Augusta Financial Inc. CA RMLS#4131305 NMLS#241911

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